Environmental Safety Policy

As a profressional chip resostor and array manufacturer, to elevate living quality and maintain a safe and healthy living environment, we are in compliance with environment management system ISO-14001 and occupation safety management system ISO 45001. Ever Ohms are committed for continuing maintenance and improvement.

In addition, we follow environmental laws and regulations, and related requirements. All the waste, water, fume, noise that are produced during manufacturing process, events, and services, that might impact the environment and safety, are being closely monitored and controlled, to elevate the quality of environment and lower the risk of occupational injury.

The entire company from top to bottom, everyone works together towrads below goals and to implement/fulfill the requirements of environment management system.

Our Promises

  1. Risk Management: accessing new info and clients’ needs, continuing risk evaluation, improving provention guidelines and emergency drills/action plan
  2. Laws & Regulations Compliance: commitment to comly with all environmental laws & regulations to ensure a fully functioning manufacturing operation
  3. Pollution Prevention & Reducing Waste: strengthening industrial waste reduction and preventing pollution procedures through each stage of a product life cycle to ensure employees’ safety
  4. Continuing Improvement: implementation of environment management system, raising standards of environment safety and quality, lowering the risk of occupational injury